About me

I am doing food photography since 2011. I built Delicii.com – delicious recipes, that quickly became a reference brand among culinary blogs primarily due to my photographs that communicate real result of tested recipes. The same seriousness, honesty, diligence characterizes me as a photographer.

My passion drove me to experiment with new techniques for shooting every day in order to reach an appetizing photo. I have a culinary purpose; my images have to arouse lust.

”We eat with our eyes first, if the plate sits in front of us and makes us drool probably the taste will also please us. The same thing I follow with my images – make a real photo, least processed without artificial styling, because I believe that photography is about culinary senses and its purpose is to arouse lust. The photographer conquers eye and arouses desire while the chef or the producer wins buds.”

Marius Dragne - Fotograf culinar, de produs background image