Mihaela Ciorik
Owner  - Sweet Concept
January 10, 2017
In our sweet and savory field the image is extremely important and the collaboration with Marius Dragne gives us, each time, delicious photos urging you to taste. We consider Marius a member of our team who always comes up with creative ideas and inspiration to bring up the savory in our Sweet Concept products and his photos are appreciated every time by customers and collaborators.
Miruna Stoiu
Cake Designer  - Cofetaria Armand
February 01, 2016
How did we get to work with Marius? Luck was on our side to get in touch. I still remember our first meeting when we put on paper the next steps of our collaboration and how the chemistry between us worked from the beginning. We wanted images that do not require a lot of processing ( we did not want to risk damaging the products real colors and fool out customers), express lust and desire to order and of course a man with whom you feel comfortable expressing our desires, both ours and ours customers. All came naturally into this collaboration that I hope will last forever.  We have not sought other options because we believe he is 100% good in this business, who invested so much material but also sentimental. 100 * for a professional photographer from A to Z!